Hi, this is Nicolas

I’m a Machine Learning Engineer with over 4 years of experience in the industry.

I love writing code in Python to solve challenging problems. I like improving processes, documenting, building environments fostering collaboration.

I'm looking for a collaborative team with a strong, positive impact on the world around us, to build great things together.

Work experiences & Education

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Contact me

📧 [email protected]

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My favorite citations

<aside> <img src="/icons/anchor_gray.svg" alt="/icons/anchor_gray.svg" width="40px" /> The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim.

                                                                                                        *Edsger Dijkstra*


<aside> <img src="/icons/chess-pawn_gray.svg" alt="/icons/chess-pawn_gray.svg" width="40px" /> All artists are not chess players, but all chess players are artists.

                        *Marcel Duchamp*


<aside> <img src="/icons/theatre_gray.svg" alt="/icons/theatre_gray.svg" width="40px" /> You either have one source of truth, or multiple sources of lies.


<aside> <img src="/icons/paint-brush_gray.svg" alt="/icons/paint-brush_gray.svg" width="40px" /> La contrainte est un moyen extraordinaire d’engendrer la création.

                                  *Aurélien Barrau*


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